Sunday, December 25, 2005

Submitting OMAP drivers to upstream


How about starting to submit OMAP drivers to respective maintainers in
upstream [A]?

As discussed on linux-arm-kernel mailing list about "clock framework"
changes, we can think of submitting drivers to upstream after resolving
"clock fwk" issue.

I am sure you guys, must have put thought on that, but by doing this we
might not have to do some trivial changes to all the drivers, if any
driver model gets changes. e.g struct device_driver to platform_driver.

[1.1] We will get close reviews outside OMAP community.

[1.2] This might increase the acceptance time of patches by resp.

Yes, if we submit all the drivers to upstream, then our linux-omap-git
tree becomes obsolete, _or_ initially we have to follow two-step process
for submission.

[2.1] Submit new drivers/bugs fixes to linux-omap tree.
[2.2] Then to resp. maintainer in upstream.

But, if someone(a new user) picks up kernel from the upstream(with
drivers, whose bugs are fixed in linux-omap tree, but yet not submitted
to upstream), then it will be a big problem initially.

As of my knowledge, right now only OMAP nor flash mapping driver is in

---Komal Shah
PS: This e-mail is still in my "draft" folder. I will wait for conclusion of "clock fwk".

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