Friday, November 17, 2006

Are we open enough?

Well, the question above was probably asked in different way by Ari Jaaksi to Linus Torvald, and Linux replied with "Next time may be Samsung/Siemens or someone else will be more open...and it will continue", and I think might answer it better once it becomes reality in January'07. Well, watchout OMAP guys, they have Samsung single-core chip and may not have to worry about the DSP/IVA1/2 gateway.

Siemens SX1(OMAP310) port code(
is now available at site, posted by Pavel Machek, and looks like it will make to -omap tree soon. I believe that we have now highest no. of supported board variants for OMAP1/2 series of chips. Total of 15 (12 for OMAP1 and 3 for OMAP2), and soon will become 16. I hope this may be good reason to fight for less #ifdefers and push our drivers to upstream, starting with fb.

And don't forget to visit and try to search in google to know probably the founders and where N-OMAP guys are nowadays.

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