Sunday, December 04, 2005

OMAP Linux Update

o Submitted remaining platform_driver usage patches to list.
o Working on SPI Controller driver. - Understanding David's framework in detail.
o Will be also looking at Video out and IVA bridge support too.

TI Dev Conf, was good, lot's of presentations/talks. Da Vinci Rocks. The companies I remember showing demos were (most of them were on DM642/320/270 series).

o Ittiam Systems, Bangalore - H.264 codec 3-way conference.
- Custom made boards on DM320/642.
- Their video conferencing phone was on display.
- Custom made PMP was there too.

o EPIGON - Audio codecs guys.
- Not concentrated much on the demo.

o ADMIYA - Wireless capabilities demo.

o SlingMedia - SlingBox - A cool use of DMXXX series of chip for TV on your laptop.

o HalloSoft - VoIP suite on OMAP1710 and some DM series.

o Intervideo - Again Audio Codecs guys - OMAP310/DM320 with Micro C Linux. Not open-sourced, so I hate them.

o Mistral - Their LCD module for OMAP5912 - Their marketting guys told me pricing at about 799$ plus taxes. :-).

o Emuzed - Only company showing OMAP2420 demos. Amazing performance of their codecs on OMAP2. They were using Open Source Linux (not MV ...Yo...) I was happy seeing that. Pointed them to latest development on linux-omap-open-source series too.

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