Thursday, October 05, 2006


Linus had released 2.6.19-rc1.

All the drivers mentioned in the earlier entry of "Arr !!! Linux 2.6.18" are pushed except "IrDA driver". I have sent an e-mail to lkml and Samuel about it.
[update: IrDA driver will be pushed to "netdev" tree. Thanx Samuel]

Not much updates on dspfs and IVA DOFF stuff. Hey but some good signs of working doff loader.

- Need to verify that which COFF versions are supported by current Nokia-DSPGW. Does it support COFF files created by CCS 3.1 or higher, as it seems that sections header is changed in new COFF version. Looks like variable section name length ?

No DaVinci work again, as will not be able access the board for few months from now :(.

But let's plan to move new re-organized mailbox fwk code into the dspfs, and something like task-bridge (it looks like big effort...not much clarify as of now...will write later on that).