Tuesday, December 20, 2005


* Watchdog fix submitted and accepted.
* IrDA testing on H4 board. - Discovery testing done.
* Submitted updated patch for IrDA to list.
* Submitted 2.6.9-TI based SPI commo. hack and touchscreen patch to the list. I am not going to work on this anymore.

1. IrDA: See, if workqueues can be seemlessly integrated for GPIO Exapander access on H3 and H4. I will wait for few suggestions from Tony and other members.
* I need ARM cross-compiled "irdadump" utiltiy. Anyone?

2. NAND:
* I tried hard for different switch positons, but no success. Send your experiements to corresponding developers to test. I have kept this work aside for a while.

3. RTC
* I don't know how we will accomodate Menelaus RTC framework in existing 2.6.9-TI tree with git-omap2 tree.

4. SPI
* Start using David Brownells framework. Atleast experiments first polling based method with this framework and in second phase move to Interrupt and DMA support.

5. Video
* Work suspended until Imre Deak responds back.

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