Saturday, December 17, 2005

OMAP-L Dev. Update

Patches submitted to linux-omap-open-source mailing list:

1. IrDA Patch
- Cleanup of H2/H3 support, and moved platform specifc information to board-*.c files.
- Added support for 24xx.

- Patch was having few errors, which I have now resolved, but I am still not getting the interrupt and discovery test failes. But
#ifconfig irda0 up/down commands works on 24xx.

2. Video Out patch

- I have just cleanup of video out patch for git-omap tree and submitted for Imre Deak and Tony to review it.
- There were quite conflict in the development method and usage of vout along with existing git-omap2-fb driver. Need to resolve. It seems that Imre will reply only after x'-mas.

3. 24xx NAND patch
- It is not yet released, but it sitting under my tree. Submitted to Jian for review

- I got confused about flashing x-loader and u-boot for Nand flashing on 2420. Thanx Jian and team for giving me direction. I will try that on Monday it seems. I feel that PATCH will work straight away, and will publish it to list soon.

Bug fixing: TODO:
o Watchdog
- driver name should be changed from "omap-wdt" to "omap_wdt", as _probe function is not working in the current tree. I will submit that patch soon.

- I don't know how we will accomodate Menelaus RTC framework in existing 2.6.9-TI tree with git-omap2 tree.

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