Monday, July 17, 2006

I am back !!!

Ok, it's long time after I am writing on my blog. Lots of thing happened after May 18 blog-entry. Here we go:

o Japan - Tokyo trip:

- It was very short trip to Japan (first time there) for business purpose and few demonstrations on ofcourse OMAP2.

- I travelled through Chennai(pick up few demos)->Malaysia (same airline)->Japan (Narita Airport).

- I didn't liked Malaysia airline, air-hostesses are not responding well and all over it was very bad experience. Next time may be Singapore airline :).

- Well, about Japan, nothing to say, I stayed in very good Shingawa Prince Hotel, near to Takanawa Prince Hotel. Fortunately I was able to find Indian Veg. Hotel (Hotel Devi) nearby, just 10mintues walk. Atleast I was able to see more people around me compared to Helsinki :).

- All demonstrations went well, so I was very happy, but communication in English is nearly impossible, so you need someone who knows Japanese and English. So, it doubles up the time for meeting discussions than originally planned.

o DaVinci - Patches:

- No. of cleanup patches were submitted to the danvici-linux-open-source mlist, but they are not pushed to davinci-git tree yet, Kevin? I will be starting further davinci cleanup soon, I still have 2wks to work on davinci tree.

o omap2420 - patches:

- There no decision yet made on PRCM cleanup patches I sent to reduce no. of #ifdefers being introduced due to OMAP2430, I think Tony is very much busy with PM on OMAP2420 or stuck somewhere with PM bugs :)

o Severe URTICARIA : Yes, I had written about it earlier entries, now my skin allergy is having medical name "URTICARIA", and it is due to "lemon, citrus fruits, Green Chilly, Tomotatos, Cold drinks and etc.". So one can imagine that I can only eat fresh food cooked at home only, again prepared with great care. It will take 2-3 months to supress the effect of this allergy. Right now I am switched to "Ayurvedic" medicines, after trying Steroids injections (Dexona) doses.

Ok, back to work, lots of e-mails to check and pull the various git trees.

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