Thursday, May 18, 2006

OMAP2430-L GIT Porting

OMAP2430 Linux Porting to OMAP-GIT Tree:

* I have started the porting Linux baseport for OMAP2430 available on to OMAP-GIT

Published the minimal OMAP2430 Linux Port:

As of now the status is:

* Serial - OK
* GPIO support for block 5 - OK
* Intel Starata 64MB Flash - OK
* JFFS2 Mounting - ??
* SMC91X detection - OK
* NFS Mounting - ??
* Ramdisk - ??

Future Plan to add simple drivers:

* Watchdog - ??
* RNG - ??
* Keyboard - ??

Any help/patches/review comments would be appreciated for 2430.

On OMAP2420 front, I have not heard any review comments for camera driver. I need to split it as per new "omap patches guidelines". I will do it probably next week.

Back to Bangalore and its raining every evening here, so it's not too hot summer anymore. Lot of things are happening at personal life front, most of the time is planned for it for coming months. So, I might slow down the 2430/2420 work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Komal!

have you port Maebo to omap2420?


Mumbai Guy said...

What is OMAP2? Techinical I guess.

Nishanth Menon said...

I think i can help u with 2430.. :)...

satish said...

have u worked on MMC driver for OMAP2420 H4 board.. im not able to deetct any MMC card ?? plz help me out