Monday, October 31, 2005

Vacation: Reliance WebWorld

Ok, Finally I was able to reach Ahmedabad Airport at 1:30 AM. Waited for Air Deccand - BOMBAY to AHMEDABAD flight for seven hours :( . Totally non-productive 7 hours of my life.

Ok, Finally Sunday started as usual up very late 10:30 AM :-). No e-mails on sunday.

Today first time I had opened the accound in Reliance Webworld. Their PCs are running Windows XP. Very slow...registration process. You need to restart the machine to make your new id take effect. Anyway lady here knew that in advance :-).

Fine...their Broadband connection works ok...but not cool. Today I will start my journey to explore the places in Gujarat again...It's very hot here in Afternoon and very cold in Night...So need to take care of my health due to everchanging weather conditions. Ofcourse I miss Bangalore and it's parks.

Let's go...check e-mails today....

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