Saturday, October 29, 2005

Vacation: Reached to Bombay

I am typing this from Bombay Airport Terminal 1B. I started from Bangalore (Flight Air Deccan - DN 606). This flight was on time. It started at sharp 2:20 PM and reached to Bombay at 4:00 PM.

I had to wait 30Minutes to get the baggage. And the sad news is in the store that next flight leaving to Ahmedabad (State: Gujarat) is delayed by 7 hours :( . So, you can think of how I am utilizing this time at cybercafe having burger on the surfing point.

This surfing seems to nice and having name "Skyber cafe", serves good food.

Ok..then back to surfing....Hoping that flight is on time and I get it at 10:20 PM. I will reach to Ahmedabad at 11:30 PM.

Tony has pushed 24xx cpu detection code done by Imre. And people started asking about GStreamer on maemo mailing list, which seems to be hot topic, but never got so much response from the original developers on dsp plugins.

Lot depends on this, as I want to get maemo (some interface atleast) on 24xx. I am hoping for the best ...once I come back from the vacation....Enjoy !!!!...Happy Diwali !!!

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