Saturday, August 27, 2005


Jul. 31st, 2005 08:00 pm SPI

Ok, Linux Symposium is over. I have lot's of things to read. As the client for whom, I am working, was not interested to sponsor me to attend the event :(.

Anyways, worked on lot's of things. Soon, I will be going back to 2.4.x world !!!. It is concluded now that I need a new PC for my 2.4.x work.

And Finally, 24xx activities on linux-omap-open-source list is started. I am very happy.Submitted first git-patch to the list. It is nothing but defconfig file :-).

Kernel boot-sequence shows McBSP and USB failing for linux-omap-24xx boot-sequence, need to investigate...
Initializing OMAP McBSP system
mcbsp: could not acquire dsp_ck handle.
omapdsp: unsupported omap architecture.
USB: No board-specific platform config found

Hey, I have disabled the USB from tree..don't know yet, why it shows up.

Notes for new cogito user with linux-omap tree.
(This is not mentioned in the quick and dirty readme of on

- o Always get synced with cogito tree.
- o Last week, cogito-git http was broken (rsync was to rescue).
- o Use cg-admin-uncommit in your temporary commit tree, if you feel that something is missing.
- o Use cg-mkpatch to generate the patch from commit tree to the original tree.

I will try to import my current work tree ( is 2.6.9-omap-24xx) to git.

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