Friday, January 26, 2007

Hurray !!! Received N800 Discount Code

Thanx. Nokia and Nokia Maemo Team...Oops, it should "Maemo Coupon Team". As there is no webstore facility available for India, I need to order it using my friends in Finland and US. I just need to talk with them and initiate the process to bring N800 to Bangalore, India.

Dirk, Did you received that discount code?

But, it is very pity that, even though Nokia having its Development Office and very good customer base in India, still they don't have webstore facility for N800 for India. Please make some arrangements for it. As it is "true" that whatever new IT technology related device comes out after 2005-2006 from US/Europe, there must some Indian tag attached with it, at least one quality assurance guy from Wipro/Infosys/TCS/Sasken will be in your team.

OMAP3430 - I will be receiving it soon. BTW, I have seen the EVM circulating in few multimedia companies in Bangalore. So expect someone posting patches for it on omap mailing list soon. Also you will see custom boards based on OMAP3430, as people started getting chips for it :)

IVA - Just one BIG note: - N800 doesn't use IVA1.0 for MPEG4-SP/H.263/H.264, so don't expect very good multimedia capabilities from it. Audio/Video Codecs either run on DSP C55x or ARM11. And there is _NO_ chance that you will see MBX gaming engine support, as Imagination Technology will never open the specs and driver for it. No problem, we don't need another Ngage from Nokia :)


Nishanth Menon said...

3430 silicons already in circulation.. :) that is interesting... faster out than 2430..mebbe khasim can post some out i think ;)

Oriol said...

Next intel chipset for mobile devices will have support for all the HW on linux. Coprocessors, cpu, gpu, and so on, and it will be x86 based. Then i dont know how TI can compete with intel for the market share on the next years.