Sunday, February 12, 2006


Ok, I am now in Helsinki, Finland from last 2 wks. I am leaving the reader to guess where I am working for a while now :).

The very difference from the INDIA you can find here is

o No Honking (Ah...How I am gonna wakeup then?. I need to use Alarm now )
o Electric switches has different meaning of ON and OFF. Actually reverse from India.
o Use lots of Eletronic gadgets in Home.
o Stay inside home...(It is very cold outside for an Indian...) and increase your productivity...ultimately you do the computing.
o Very Very big super markets ...but hard to find people there on weekdays. (I think India needs this ..but unfortunately we don't have that yet).

Anyways, there are many cultural differences which we know and not needed any mention. Sad part of the story is I am not able to pull the OMAP GIT tree yet...but I am sure I am gonna have workaround, once I get free from my current work, which might take few wks more, but ofcourse I can review few patches :). I will post few pictures soon.

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Atanu said...

I was in Helsinki almost 2 years ago, visiting my Finnish friends (a couple who were fellow grad students at UCB.) I liked it very much. Enjoy your time there.